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You will never be grouped with strangers.

We DO NOT REQUIRE FACE MASKS inside the facility. However, you can request our Game Masters wear one if it makes you more comfortable. Note this is subject to change based on Carroll County Arkansas COVID cases and CDC Guidelines.

A little about us. We were germaphobes before it was cool. Our owner worked in surface disinfection of nasty pathogens for the last decade prior to opening the escape room. He worked for a company that did Anthrax remediation, and another company that invented a novel surface disinfectant for hospitals. He was living in Asia and air travelling regularly for work during the Swine Flu outbreak and air traveled regularly during Ebola. So he has always maintained good sanitation practices. with that said some things have changed.

All events are now private. Yes, even groups of 2 will play privately. You will not play with strangers. You MUST agree to our terms and conditions which ask you to confirm no one in your party is sick. You will also be asked to use our provided hand sanitizer before going into the room.

What’s that funny smell? It is probably our Ozone generators we will be running regularly throughout the day. It helps disinfect every nook, cranny, and any airborne particles. Oh, and you probably smell spray disinfectant. Lots and lots of spray disinfectant.

If our game masters are wearing gloves and mask at anytime, don’t freak. It is current protocol.

If anyone in your party is visibly ill, we will politely ask you to play the game another time.

We are sorry it breaks the immersion a bit, but we have laminated many of our items to help speed up the cleaning process.

As per the recommendation of the Federal Government we will limit gathering size to a maximum of 10 people. Our rooms already have a max size of 8 people. However to make sure we do not have 2 groups in our lobby at the same time, we will be staggering start times on our two different events for the time being. We have also reduced our time slots per day to add more cleaning time. If you finish early and your game master asks you to stay in the room until the other group departs, please be courteous and wait.

Your bookings are subject to cancellation if circumstances warrant, and you will receive a full refund.

We have also relaxed our refund policy. You can check your confirmation email, and it will have instructions on how to cancel your reservation yourself if it is outside of 24 hours. You can also reschedule your reservation yourself outside of 12 hours. If you do get a medical or state issued mandate to self quarantine within those 12 hours, send us the details, and we will refund retroactively.

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