Directions & Info

Escape Room 13 Directions & Info

Directions & Info

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We are just across from the bottom of the Rainbow Staircase

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Parking Information

There are approximately 80 parking spots around the Escape Room. Two of the lots are $5 cash per 3 hours, the parking meters are $0.25 per 15 minutes, and the meters are not ticketed after 6pm. Parking Tickets in Eureka Springs are generally $10.


Public Transportation

Q: Can we get there with the trolley?

A: Yes.  Escape Room 13 can be accessed via stop 80 on the Blue route, stop 67 on the Yellow route or stop 66 on the Red and Purple routes.  You can find more information HERE.  All day passes are $6.00 and you can explore the city with all of the routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I walk-in and pay cash?

A: The short answer is no.  Sunday – Thursday we require about 2 hours of notice, so you must book online, or call us in advance.  Friday and Saturday, we open the lobby before noon, and can accept walk-in during our scheduled times, but most weekends, we are booked in advance, so we recommend calling, or booking online.

Q: Why did no one answer the phone?

A: We typically try to man the phones 10am to 10pm everyday, however, if we are doing an orientation for a group, or something equally important, we don’t answer the phone, as we want to provide our customers an intimate experience, and give them our undivided attention.  If during business hours, please leave a message, and we’ll do our best to return the call within 15 minutes.

Q: I can see you in there, why don’t you open the door?

A: If the door is locked, we are busy giving a group our undivided attention, or possibly cleaning up for the next group.  We want our customers to have the best possible experience.  We have our ‘show times’ either on our window, or online here if you click ‘Book Now’.  We open our doors approximately 5 minutes before the escape.

Q: How many people can I bring with me?

A: Our escapes are typically about 300 sq ft total, with about 1/2 of this accessible during the first part of the experience.  We think the ideal size is up to 5 people, but we do allow groups up to 8 people, just know you better REALLY like those 7 other people.

Q: Do I have to play with other people?

A: No, but you will have to choose the ‘private’ option.  The private option is no additional charge to groups of 4 or more.  If you have less than 4 people, we may pair you with another group of players at the same time.

Q: How much are tickets?

A: Tickets are $25 per person, with discounts for 4 or more people (taxes not included).  Children 8 and under are allowed free as long as you have booked the room as ‘private’ (see above)

Q: How many rooms do you have?

A: We currently have 1 event based around the famous Eureka Springs Bank Heist of 1922.  We are currently building our 2nd room, which will also be based around 1922.

Q: When will your next room be ready?

A: We are progressing everyday.  We are behind schedule, but won’t open until we feel it is a 5 star experience.  Follow-us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

Q: What times do you have available?

A: The best way to know is to click Book Now on our website.

Q: Are there any discounts available?

A: First, we don’t use Groupon at all.  We also do not run any specials, except on the 13th of every month (excluding Friday / Saturday), which is $20 per person.

Q: Is the Escape doable by couples only?

A: Absolutely.  We designed the room with couples and first timers as our core business.

Q: How many hints can I have?

A: As many as you need.

Q: What is the fastest time your room has been solved?

A: We really don’t track fastest times generally, we consider your escape time similar to a fishing story.  Once you leave our building, feel free to tell anyone what you want.  We won’t argue.  But don’t tell them too short, or they may think our room is too easy, hahahah!




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