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Groupon | Escape Room 13 Eureka Springs

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“Can we find you on Groupon?” “Are there any Groupons available?”

First a few words from our customers:

Kayla T:
“This was not our first escape room. It was, however, the BEST escape room we’ve been to. Fantastic experience. So fun!”
Michael S:
“Most elaborate and detailed room we had ever done. Can’t wait to see what the next room holds!”
Madeline A:
“This escape room was one of the most in depth experiences we’ve had. Wyatt was our Game Master and he did a fantastic job of setting the scene and taking us back in time. Everything was built in such a precise way that you really get lost in the story. Solving the mysteries we came across required us to use logic and think outside the box which was right up our alley. When people ask us what to do in Eureka Springs we will for sure send them to the escape room!”

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Most escape rooms are priced $25 to $35 per person.  We are at the lower end of this price point, and much lower if you bring a group of 4 or more players.  It is our goal to over deliver with entertainment that fits or exceeds our price point.  We are a small family owned business and the bulk of our expenses are paid during Holidays, Friday or Saturday.  This means we do not utilize Groupon in our marketing strategy, and provide no coupons or discounts during this time.  We do however offer discounted tickets on the 13th of every month (except Friday the 13th and Saturday the 13th) to celebrate our namesake and address ($66 minimum per event).

So, even though Groupon isn’t a part of our current strategy, you are sure to have a great time at Escape Room 13


Written by escaperoom13

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